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31-July-2017 17:09
in General
by Admin

I had a busy day at Wilton yesterday and after all the rain on Saturday the ground at Wilton was the best I can remember.

I took Yes I Can again to do the Intermediate, never planning to run him cross country but to work on the other two phases, and we had a real success. He did a nice test of 30  with nothing wrong, and he jumped his best round of show jumping so far.  He always jumps well but he can be a little wild between his jumps, but yesterday he was absolutely foot perfect with his leads and balance all sorted out.  

I then had two of my novice old timers and two new ones having their first/second runs.

Seventh Heaven is well beyond the novice level now but went very nicely finishing 10th.  

Then I had Annaliese, she did a nice test on 27.8 which had her right up there.  She jumped a super round show jumping and was unfortunate to have one silly fence down.  Cross country she felt very confident and experienced and gave me a super round finishing with no time faults and in fifth place. 

Georgisaurous was just having a quiet outing post Barbury, and as it had rained he ran cross country.  He led the dressage again with a lovely test of 25.  He seems to always find the dressage so easy and is always relaxed making my life uncomplicated.  He jumped well but was unlucky to knock the last fence down.  I then took him cross country quite quietly for 10 time faults and he finished just out of the money.  

My highlight of the day was winning with Cafre Lunar Eclipse.  A new horse owned by Mark Pearson and previously ridden by his daughter Lucy.  He led the dressage with a very decent test of 26.  He moves well and did nothing wrong so it would have been hard to mark him down.  He then jumped a comfortable clear show jumping, and gave me a good ride cross country finishing inside the time, and winning convincingly by over three marks.  It was nice to win but always dodgy to win your first event together as there is only one way to go!  I am not sure yet what his plans are but an Autumn three-day will be on the agenda.





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