The Team

Jackie Potts

Jackie has been with William for 30 yrs and as head groom is an integral part of the team. In 2006, nominated by William, she won the Groom of the Year Award, and in 2014 won FEI Groom of the Year. She keeps Wood Lane Stables in order.


William about Jackie: “Jackie and I have enjoyed 30 seasons together, there have been some amazing highs and terrible lows but through them all she has kept her feet firmly on the ground and her chin up. She is a huge support to me, always loyal and it is an absolute privilege to work with someone so dedicated and professional. Jackie is the ultimate team player, whether at home on the yard, or at a Championship where she flourishes amongst other squad grooms.”

2024 Team

Sara Bech Strom, Alice Smith, Xavier Amand, Edie Friend, Annie Hawthorn and Dan Lock 

Sara Bech Strom

Sara and Dicte Aldrup are with us for another year, and with their sights firmly set on representing their home team Denmark, the pair will be campaiging hard this year.


Alice Smith

Alice joins us for the 2024 season



Dan Lock

Dan continues as one of the team for the 2024 season/p>



Xavier Amand

Xavier joins us for the 2024 season



Michelle Maidment

Michelle has been part of the team since 2013, and is based in the office at Wood Lane Stables



James Lewis

James joined the team in July 2020 in the role of maintenance man.  He has his hands full keeping the whole yard ticking over, maintaining the gallops, lorries, machinery and generally keeping Wood Lane Stables in tip top shape. 



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