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29-August-2017 18:57
in General
by Admin


It was a lovely day at Wellington yesterday, although it was beautiful and hot the ground was still very good and the courses were excellent.  My day consisted of two Intermediates Yes I Can and Shannondale Percy, who both had another good run.  Percy was a bit of a monkey in the dressage taking a dislike to the horse in the arena next door.  He jumped well in the show jumping and had one down being rather strong and boisterous.  I then took him quietly around the cross country and he gave me a super ride.    Yes I Can did another pleasing test to score 28, his dressage is all there but it is great that it is coming together in the arena as well now.  He jumped another good clear show jumping and his rounds are now coming with much more control and organisation.  He popped round the cross country very comfortably feeling nice and confident at Intermediate level now, but I took him quietly and his 8 time faults dropped him down into 8th place.
Oratorio was having another Advanced run before he heads to Blenheim in the 8&9YO class.  I was very pleased with how he went in the dressage. I managed to go the wrong way rather uselessly and he made a couple of expensive mistakes but he still scored 36.   He then jumped very well in the show jumping and was unlucky to have one silly fence down.  And on the cross country he felt great, very happy and very straight, and made it all feel easy.  I know I shouldn’t say it but he really gave me an enjoyable ride.  I definitely mustn’t relax and am hoping that he will finish his season on a happy run at Blenheim.  
Little Fire was also having his first outing since Gatcombe and did a very nice test to score 29.  He was very relaxed and happy and did some good work.  I was very pleased with his clear show jumping as he was really focusing on the fences and not looking around at all the stands.  He then had a good cross country round finding it all very easy and finishing with 5 time faults left him in 5th place.  Annoyingly we were held on course for 15 minutes which really broke our rhythm but these things happen and happily the poor rider who fell is in one piece.
Poor Andrew McConnon had a really unlucky day; he was riding two in the Intermediate for me, but he had a stupid fall on his first ride and cut his chin, so he had to be stitched up and was unable to ride the second.  He has got a couple of new rides of Mark Pearson’s this coming weekend, and he has got a few more events this season to look forward to which is great.
Wellington is always a top class event and the team there really do a top job.  Everything is just done to such a high level and it is really appreciated by us riders.
We now look forward to Burghley and seeing things unfold there.  I am very excited about my course walk at midday on Friday, and look forward to seeing everyone there.  I am also doing a session with Musto, riding on the Burghley horse simulator, and instead of being at Burghley on Saturday I will be having my first visit to Sapey Horse Trials.




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