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Osberton - Thursday

28-September-2017 20:10
in General
by Admin

Dressage got off to a really bad start yesterday and things didn't go to plan, the horses were on their toes and Cafre Lunar Eclipse was lively and made quite a few mistakes, he got 55 which is quite off the pace.  


I then had BT Seventh Heaven in the 2* which was a big ask for him and he was unfortunately particularly unsettled.  He made several mistakes and got very nervous and ended up with a 59 which I thought was quite generous.  However he is not here for the dressage, but here for the 2* qualification for next year and to get some good experience.


Today happily Dressage improved a little bit, with FC Torino going very nicely, and apart from one mistake he did nothing wrong at all.  He scored 49 which was a bit off the pace but is in a very respectable position at the moment.  


Annaliese mainly went as well as I could have hoped, and did some good bits in her test to score 47.   She is currently in 9th place which is also very respectable at this stage.  


I have got Georgisaurous and then Yes I Can and Shannondale Percy on tomorrow, and they will hopefully strut their stuff.  The courses all look good, they are not difficult but there are plenty of questions, and the ground is very good.  The 2* course is quite a long way 2.5 miles, and we are hoping the rain holds off.






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