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Osberton - dressage day 1

27-September-2018 17:11
in General
by Admin

It has been another glorious day at Osberton, it has been positively hot at times.

It was a fairly satisfactory dressage day.  Ludo in the 1* did a very decent test. He put it all together in a very grown up way and made no mistakes, and has ended up on 31.5 in 5th place after day one.  I had rather hoped he might have got a slightly better mark than that but it is how it goes.

Atlantic Vital Spark was performing his first ever 2* test and he was remarkably good, also making no mistakes.  He took the atmosphere very well and put in some very decent work.  A few areas will improve but I certainly expected no more today.  He got 30.4 and he is lying in 9th place, a bit further down the order but is certainly no disgrace.

The tracks are looking good, there is no bogey corner fence at number 7 and the water is a bit easier, there are a few questions a bit later on, but I hope the course will flow well.

Georgisaurous and Grafennacht are in good order and ready to dressage tomorrow.  It is drying up unbelievably here you wouldn’t have known they had any rain last week.





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