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Pau arrival

24-October-2018 18:53
in General
by Admin

 We arrived safely at Pau on Tuesday evening, and everyone has settled in.  


We have the trot-ups at 8am tomorrow morning and Little Fire does his dressage test late afternoon, which is good news as his owner is travelling out just in time.


I have walked the cross country course, and it is quite challenging.  The first section is quite big and bold, with endless circling, then there is a galloping section.  It is not necessarily big and scarey but it is very skinny and with corners, it is very accuracy heavy.


The weather is lovely and the ground is obviously pretty firm but they seem to be working on it which we hope continues, the forecast is for a wet Saturday so we will see,  but we are rather hoping the wet comes on Friday night.


Bottom photo from William Carey Photography






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