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Millstreet - Friday

24-August-2018 17:53
in General
by Admin

 I was very pleased with how Oratorios dressage came off and he put in another very solid honest performance.  He made no mistakes at all and the only thing that will improve will be his changes! and his last halt was slightly crooked.  So I did feel that his mark was on the stingy side, but let's hope he is saving good marks for Blenheim.


Yes I Can was on great form today and thoroughly enjoying being in the glamourous main arena for his show jumping.  He jumped a very decent round and just rolled a pole which was one of those things.  The arena had a lot of atmosphere and things to look at so it would have been a good pre-Blenheim outing.


Both horses are going cross country tomorrow.  Oratorio is around midday and Yes is quite late.


The course is looking very inviting and attacking, there is however a very spooky waterfall fence which I am hoping I can get near.  The ground is overall very good they have worked on it hard and it has been watered, and now it has had some rain so it is a lot better than we might be getting back in the UK.


Last night was the Young Event Horse classes, and I found myself judging the 5yo which was quite an experience. We judged our last horse at 11.50pm which could only happen in the horse world!





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