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Clifton Signature

24-May-2017 9:12
in General
by Admin

There is great excitement here at Fox-Pitt Eventing as we have a new arrival of the horse Clifton Signature who has been previously campaigned very successfully by Jock Paget.  Frances Stead has very kindly asked me to take on the ride in the short term, with a view to doing some normal one days and hopefully some ERM classes.  The intention is for him to be sold, so hopefully I will be able to find an owner or a syndicate to take him on.


Signature has had some very good results with Jock over the years and he is still in his prime being only 12 years old, so there is a lot to look forward to with him.


He has just arrived from Kevin McNab’s yard, he has been kindly keeping him ticking over, and I will hopefully take him to Nunney as his first event if conditions are favourable.  I am actually taking him to Houghton this week with the 1* horses just to make the most of the extra few days to get to know him.



Photos to follow from Houghton








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