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Christmas update

21-December-2018 11:49
in General
by Admin


We had a wonderful day at Buckingham Palace yesterday being awarded my MBE by Prince Charles.  It was lovely to share the moment with Alice and the boys, and it was a big moment for the boys to experience Buckingham Palace.  Prince Charles was very chatty, and talked a lot about Poundbury and bangs on the head.


We then had a very special lunch on the 32nd floor of the Shard.  Lunch was of course pretty decent, and it was amazing for us all to see London from up there for the first time.


Huge thanks to all my notes of congratulations, people have been so generous with their messages and that means so much to me.

I was amazed that Prince Charles knew something about every single person that appeared, on a personal level, for over 80 people.


Things are quite busy with the family now as Christmas kicks in and we are looking forward to our boys and girls Christmas party on Sunday.  Half of our staff are off for Christmas and half for New Year so things are a little bit lower key at the moment.  We are nicely ahead of the game with Kazu’s horses and my two Badminton horses, having already done 3 weeks walking.  We are looking forward to the new team being in place early in the New Year.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year





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