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Hinton Hullabaloo

25-June-2018 17:08
in General
by Admin

The Hinton Hullabaloo yesterday was a resounding success.  It was the brainchild and organised by my wife Alice, with friends Claire Gill and Milly von Westenholz.

It was meant to be a top day and all things for children, and for our first attempt it could not have gone better.  We were so lucky with the most beautiful day and Anthony and Val Pitt-Rivers were so generous in lending their beautiful garden.

We had a terrific turnout, I think there must have been at least 450 people there, and there was more than enough to keep everyone entertained all day.

The big hope is to make the Hinton Hullabaloo an annual occasion, and next year it will perhaps be wonderful to have it as a two day event with a camping night for every in between.




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