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21-May-2017 21:31
in General
by Admin

We had a very happy Rockingham with Shannondale Percy in the Novice, he won very convincingly.  He did a magnificent dressage of 22 which had him comfortably in the lead. He jumped a super clear in the mud which lots didn't, and I let him run on.  Cross country going was on the muddy side of good.  It was a very tight time and I was a couple of seconds over to get 0.8 of time faults, but he still won easily which is great for confidence ahead of Tatts, where I am hoping he will be at his competitive best.


Andrew was riding Volcan du Barquet again in the ON and also had a very happy day finishing 4th.  He scored 32 in the dressage with a lovely relaxed test. He then also jumped a good solid double clear incurring 4 time faults.


I had three horses jumping in the Intermediate.  I had Little Fire out again just as a good outing before Tatts and I never planned to run him cross country.  He did another good solid test with no mistakes to score 31.  He was a little bit disrespectful in the show jumping and rolled a couple of poles, but this was nothing to worry about.  


Oratorio had a mixed day, he did a decent test but with a couple of expensive boobs to score thirty two.  He jumped an excellent clear in the show jumping which overall was a decent track in the mud, but he then had a stupid runout at a simple corner - he was being a bit of a monkey.  He has been giving me a very good feeling and had jumped a difficult corner and some decent skinnies so perhaps I trusted him too much.  It is the first mistake I have had with him so I should not be too concerned, but all the same it is very annoying, and I will have to put it behind me when he gets to Tatts.


The Graduate was having another Intermediate run, and again performed a good test of twenty nine.  He did some very decent work but was perhaps a little excited.  He show jumped really well and was unlucky to have a pole down.  It was a decent track and he did not deserve to get a 4.  On the cross country he was very strong and confident but he is running at Tatts in a couple of weeks so I didn't mind him incurring quite a few time faults. 


They do a fantastic job at Rockingham, it is always a very prestigious and friendly occasion.  Over the three days they run well over a thousand horses which sounds quite crazy, but I guess that is because it is a victim of its success.  


Turtle went awol for the day which was a major panic, however everyone was very kind and helpful in trying to find her, and she did appear out of the woods at 7.30 this evening, which seems all rather extraordinary. 


Some great photos here of The Graduate and Oratorio, taken by Fiona Scott-Maxwel






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