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Blenheim - Kazuma Tomoto

17-September-2017 20:34
in General
by Admin

Kazuma Tomoto and Brookpark Vikenti


Kazuma had a terrific Blenheim. After his leading test, he show jumped a superb clear to hold onto his lead.  He felt very happy with how his round went, and it was one of the best rounds he had jumped.  On the cross country course Kazuma decided to let him go a bit and see how close he could get to the time, unfortunately Chris Burton had done the time so Kazu only had a couple of marks to spare. Things got even worse when Kazu was held on the course, so he lost track of his minute markers and he had to just go on his feel.  His round however went brilliantly making everything look dead easy, but he did come back with a couple of time faults which cost him the win.  He finished second to Chris Burton who was the only rider who had done the time, but it was very mean because Chris only beat him by 0.1

It was a major result at the stage he is at and Team Fox-Pitt are very proud.


The added bonus to a successful Blenheim is that Kazu has got his 3* qualification and can move onto Boekelo.





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