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Teaching in USA

16-November-2017 12:45
in General
by Admin

The season ended and it was a very quick rush off to America for my few days of clinics.  

I had a fantastic stay, first of all with Richard and Daisy Trayford who have now moved up to Rochester.   We had a wonderful day of hunting - on the first day of the season and my first hunting trip in the US.  We had a busy few hours with lots of foxes, how wonderful it was to hunt with no ban.  The next day was spent teaching with my fellow hunters.  
It was then up to Wisconcin, thanks to Haley Madden and the Wisconsin Dressage and Combined Training Association, we had a very busy couple of days which were very well attended.
And then down to Kelly Gage country, and Lexington with Allie Knowles.  Two days teaching there, we were very lucky with the weather and ground, we managed to cross country school outside which was an excellent opportunity. 
Then it was up to Washington Dulles for two days on Sharon White’s superb facility, again very lucky with the conditions. We had some high calibre horses and riders.  Then it was on to join Alison Springer and a roundup on Sunday.  
I am now happily home and recovering, and looking forward to some hunting and various projects which are keeping me busy.
Here are some photos from my trip, the rest will be available soon in the website gallery.




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