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Blenheim cross country

16-September-2018 14:05
in General
by Admin

Cross country day at Blenheim happily went to plan with Rio finding it all very easy and going clear inside the time.  They had really done their best getting the ground as good as possible but it was still very dry. We decided to take the plunge and run him and he did not make the ground feel firm at all.  He set off very well and the first question was at number 4, I had convinced myself to do the combination in 5 strides but he very easily did it in 4 which kicked me into action and got me riding properly forward.  He was very straight and honest all the way and was on a very forward stride so he could easily have been a monkey had he wanted to be.  I took him all the direct routes and he was very comfortable on the time finishing only 2 seconds under but easing off. 


He came out of the run very well and trotted up well this morning.  He has had a little jump with Ros Morgan to put him back into show jumping mode, and I am very much hoping he puts his best foot forward this afternoon.  It is very tight at the top and poles down will be expensive. The course is not enormous but I thought quite tricky so I am hoping I have full control.  


For those of you watching WEG you will have seen how well Kazuma Tomoto is doing.  Particularly with his clear and inside the time on the cross county. I watched his round which was foot perfect and I felt very proud.  He is number one in the Japanese team going into the final day and we will be sitting tight in our seats for the show jumping.

Great photos from William Carey Photography




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