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Blenheim - Show jumping and results

14-September-2014 19:34
in General
by Admin


Freddie Mac looked fabulous today and had no worries in the trot up.  However he sadly rolled a pole in the show jumping and dropped to second.  The last fence was a treble and he just rubbed the first element.

I was really pleased with how he jumped and particularly having had to make such a recovery on the cross country course yesterday. It is good to know for the future that he is a real fighter.

This has rounded off a very exciting year for him; it is some achievement to finished third and second in your first two 3*.  He has gained hugely in confidence and experience, and his owners and I are really hoping that he might be able to go to Kentucky next spring to do his first 4*.

Although it was frustrating not to win I was really pleased for Francis Whittington scoring a very popular win on Easy Target.  It was really deserved and it was another win for Catherine Witt at Blenheim.

I would like to congratulate the Blenheim team on a terrific weekend, particularly David Evans and his team for all the work they put in to produce such good ground on the cross country course, given how dry it has been I don't believe any other event could have put in more work to ensure good safe ground for the horses.

Thanks to Samantha Clarke for great photos 




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