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14-June-2013 17:50
in General
by Admin

Neuf Des Coeurs & Lionheart have ended the dressage day in Luhmuhlen in 13th & 15th place.  I was very pleased with how Neuf went this morning, he did the best test he has done at 4* level, very smooth and mistake free.  He was in a very good frame of mind so I could not have been happier with him.  Lionheart also did some lovely work but his changes were still a little erratic and cost him dearly. 


With four marks in the 30’s and several in the early 40’s there is a bit of catching up to do so I hope the course is influential and that I don’t fall off!


We had a good inch of rain last night which would have gone a long way to taking the sting out of the ground so hopefully the going should now ride well.


You can watch the action live on FEIT.TV.

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