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13-September-2016 16:47
in General
by Admin

Had a busy day with seven at Pontispool yesterday with all the young ones having an outing.


I had three in the Novice; Seventh Heaven was having his first run for a while and was very respectable.  He got 33 in the dressage but did nothing wrong. Jumped a good round show jumping but had an unlucky pole, and felt his usual confident self cross country.  He was very happy to be out and was not at all rusty.


Volcan du Barquet was having his first run since Blair, and had a good day finishing second.  He did a very decent test to score 26, jumped a lovely clear show jumping and breezed around the cross country, very confidently for just .8 of a time fault.


The Graduate had a somewhat frustrating day but overall went very well.  He led the dressage with a very good test of 24 (the best he has done so far).  Jumped a very good clear show jumping and was comfortably in the lead, then cross country everything went wrong, he landed on an over reach boot into the water and nearly turned himself over.  I had to circle while I got back into the tack, he then proceeded to lose a shoe so I decided to pull him up.


Little Fire was having another run in the Intermediate and after a 28 dressage did a very good solid double clear, and was as always very happy to be out.


Hector had Red Kite, and after a nice dressage she show jumped well and then did the same thing as The Graduate landing in a real heap.  Yes I Can had a good day finishing 10th, he did a decent test of 35, show jumped clear and was very happy and confident on the cross country.


Andrew had Daddy’s Quest there who was also pleasing in the dressage and show jumping, and was good cross country, but had an annoying run out at a skinny.


They had done a great job, Pontispool, with a few changes, the courses were very educational and they had made a big effort on the ground which rode well.




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