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Aston - Intermediate Thursday

10-August-2017 17:19
in General
by Admin
Just on our way back from a rather happy Intermediate day at Aston.  I was doing the Intermediate with three horses for the first time and it was mainly a very pleasing day.
The major excitement was on Annaliese who had a great day and won her section.  She did a pretty decent test of 30.5, which was mainly good but still has room for better stuff.  The best was on 28 so she was really in touch, she then jumped a very useful clear show jumping.  She coped really well with the bigger fences and jumped a lovely round.  As she was up there and the cross country going was so perfect I decided to let her run on a bit, I was surprised she only got 1.2 time faults so she is obviously a very quick horse.  She has got lots of blood so she finds galloping the easy bit.  I think in the end she won rather comfortably.  
Georgisaurous was out again after Wilton and was a top man.  He did some lovely work in his dressage to score 25.7.  It was by no means foot perfect but he showed some real class.  I was really delighted with his clear show jumping as he is only 6 and this was by far the biggest track he has ever jumped.  I stupidly got a couple of time faults but I did consciously waste a bit of time on the turns.  So it was by no means him getting the time faults.  He gave me a really good feeling cross country with a super round but I uselessly dropped the reins over a bank and couldn’t turn him to a corner, so by turning a circle I ended up with a wretched 20 which again was totally not his fault.
The Intermediate course was overall nice and inviting and straight forward but there were 5 or 6 lowered Advanced fences that needed negotiating so it was not a giveaway.
 Seventh Heaven also had a super clear cross country in his first Intermediate  His dressage was a little tense because we were stuck in an accident so arrived late and he was short of warmup, and he rolled a couple of silly poles show jumping being a bit green and keen.
I had Cafre Lunar Eclipse also entered but had decided not to take him to an Intermediate as I felt after Wilton I wanted to have another nice Novice run.
Aston had very kindly given me nice early times so we were able to get away not too late, and it was certainly a good day for Team Fox-Pitt with the first timers.





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