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Aston Le Walls

10-May-2018 20:22
in General
by Admin

We had a very happy day today at Aston Le Walls, it was a busy one with five horses there.  But it was very necessary as is the way the season has gone with all the cancellations.


Yes I Can was having an Intermediate run and had an extremely good day.  He led the dressage with a very good test of 27, his show jumping was spot on and he jumped for fun.  And he flew around the cross country very easily.  It was a very fair course and was quite easy for him.  The going was pretty amazing but I pushed him on a bit but not enough.  I was too slow getting 6 time faults and dropping to 4th,  however he went in a good strong rhythm and that would have been useful preparation for Tatts.


Luxury was having an OI run and it was only his second start in the whole season as we have lost so much. So he was very happy to be out. I was impressed with how well behaved he was.  He did a pretty decent dressage with no mistakes and I was a bit disappointed he only got 30.  He show jumped a nice clear and was excellent cross country on the good ground.  I also moved him on a bit, and at least I was consistent because he also got 6 time faults and dropped down to 11th place.  


The day then moved onto the Novices and I had Atlantic Vital Spark out, he did a fairly decent test to score 33, and there was a little tension so there is room for improvement.  He jumped a nice and easy clear again in the show jumping and then flew around the cross country inside the time, nice and easily to finish 3rd.   It would have been nice to be second because that would have qualified him for the NRF but it is still very early days.  


Grafennacht was having her second Novice run of her career and was on flying form.  She led the dressage on a score of 24.5, jumped very well and clear and took it all in her stride finishing with 8 time faults and dropping down to fifth.  I never anticipated her even getting a place so that was a great result.  She does seem to just get on with it and deliver the goods, nothing seems to worry her.  


Ludo FH also finished 3rd in his section. I was very pleased with his test of 29.5 but it was little bit off the pace.  He show jumped very well for a clear, and again I pushed him on cross country a bit as it thought it would be good practice for Tatts, and he came in comfortably inside the time giving me a very confident and enjoyable ride.   He has also finished 3rd and not 2nd so just off the NRF pace.


We are now on our way home rather late and bracing ourselves for our 6 o'clock start to Chatsworth.  I am taking 6 and Kazu is taking 2, so it is going to be a busy one.


 Great photos of Yes I Can taken by a member of his syndicate





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