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Gatcombe Festival

07-August-2015 20:38
in General
by Admin


Gatcombe started today with three in the Novice Championships.  My first to go was Reinstated, and I was very pleased with his test. He scored 29.8 and I was very impressed with how relaxed and soft he stayed. He is currently in fifth place.


Dynasty also went very well and scored 31.4, he found the test quite demanding but stayed focused and did his best, and is lying in 9th place.


The Soapdodger went well scoring 30.7 and is in joint sixth.


So they are all very bunched together and certainly lying well before a big day tomorrow.


Ramdam de Mons is in the intermediate championships so it was a decent step up for him, and I was delighted with how well he went. He did a super test to score 23.5 which has got him in 2nd place.


The cross country courses look good, the ground is obviously very dry and pretty firm, although they have worked hard aerovating. But I think tomorrow the main challenge will be to jump the right fences on the right horses as there seem to be courses going in all directions!




There is live streaming from the event - http://www.britisheventing.com/asp-net/livestream/





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