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Barbury - Thursday dressage

05-July-2018 19:10
in General
by Admin

Very tiresomely we had to be at Barbury today for dressage as they have got such a massive entry, but it was a good first day which made up for having to be there.

Atlantic Vital Spark was doing his first ever 2* test, in fact he has never done an Intermediate one, and he really put in a decent performance to score 32.3.  There were plenty of little bits and bobs which could be better but I was very pleased with his attitude and he did do some pretty decent work.

They have obviously been working hard on the ground at Barbury and it was superbly level but the dressage warm up was pretty solid.

Fernhill Pimms was in the main arena CIC and he did a very decent test to score 26.4 and lie currently in second place.  I don't think many have been, but apart from one rather out of character spook he couldn't have gone too much better.  I think there is another full day of dressage tomorrow so I am hoping he doesn't drop down too much.

Kazu had Brookpark Vikenti in the 2*, and did a very nice test to score 28.  He is very pleased with how Vikenti went, he had one little blip in the walk.

I walked the Novice course which looks very similar to normal, hopefully it will be a very educational experience and my young ones will benefit.  

So the plan is I am back tomorrow with five, and then I am staying put but horses will then be coming and going from home over the weekend.





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