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Exciting changes for the Fox-Pitt Eventing Club

05-January-2018 14:41
in General
by Admin

Exciting news.......The Fox-Pitt Eventing Club is joining forces with the newly launched Eventing Club


This Club has been created to include several other event riders, and hopes to offer you a more personal involvement in our sport.  The Eventing Club is being managed by Sam Albert, and she will be emailing all existing Fox-Pitt Eventing Club members with all the information very soon.  


The benefits offered to the Fox-Pitt Eventing Club will very much carry on as normal through the new Eventing Club.  Members will still get the relevant Fox-Pitt Eventing discounts, and we are still looking forward to having our Spring Open Day here, and look forward to seeing you then.


We hope you will enjoy the new Club.  If you are not a member already and wish to join then please email Sam Albert on:-





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