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Burghley dressage

04-September-2015 16:25
in General
by Admin

A fantastic dressage day for Pimms, taking a joint lead with Michael Jung.  He did a superb test, he is in a great frame of mind and really showed himself off to his best.

He made one little mistake in a flying change, and apart from one halt that wasn’t quite square, he was faultless and all his connections here are very excited.

The cross country course is however pretty serious, very physically and technically demanding and we will have to be on our very best form tomorrow!  He is very fit and brave, so it will just be a question of how he copes with the tricky combinations.

It is very important not to forget that this is his first 4 star, and our initial goal was a good solid all round performance that would bode well for his future.  Fortunately I have got a bit of time to watch how the course is riding, but everyone is anticipating the optimum time will be tight, and with the questions continuing right up to the end there is certainly no let up.

I am hoping he is on his best behaviour and that he is still in the hunt.


Update:-  Cross country time - 2.48pm saturday





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