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Tattersalls update

02-June-2016 17:45
in General
by Admin

Little Fire performed a very nice test yesterday, he was quite excited to be here but he settled just in time to do some lovely work which had him in 2nd place, very close to the leader.  He got some good marks but they have given a few good marks so it is very tight at the top, and he has got his work cut out over the next two days.  The cross country is an inviting 1* and is perhaps a little more difficult than in previous years so it will be a good challenge for him, but hopefully well within his capabilities.  The cross country course is a little bit further, over 8 minutes long so it will be a good 3-day introduction.


I rode Secret Night today in the 2* who also went very nicely.  He did one of his best tests so far and is leading on a score of 39.7.  He made no mistakes and certainly deserved that mark.  The 2* course is a little bit more serious than last year, with quite a few of the old 3* questions now in it, so it will be a decent test for everybody.


We were pleased with Raffles overall performance for his first 2* test, he went very nicely with some lovely work, and was perhaps judged just a little bit harshly.  He is lying 12th on 50.9


The weather at the moment is beautiful and warm, and although the ground is drying out fast it is still just OK and they will hopefully be spiking the firmer parts.




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