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02-April-2015 10:46
in General
by Admin

Somerley - 01/04/15


It was very exciting at Somerley today to have Chilli Morning and Cool Mountain out for the first time.  They were both very pleased to be having an outing but they were immaculately behaved.  Chilli did a lovely dressage test and scored 28, he was very calm and relaxed and I thought he could well have scored even better.  He show jumped really well and clear, and I got just one time fault.  Then I gave him a quiet run cross country and just left him in a comfortable rhythm and he could not have gone better.


Cool Mountain led the dressage in his arena with an immaculate test of 22, he rolled a pole in the show jumping, and it was great fun to be riding him again cross country.  He is always one of my favourites to ride and goes in such a good rhythm.  He also got a fair few time faults.


Freddie Mac was more relaxed today and scored 28 in the dressage.  He had a fence down jumping and I was pleased with how well he coped in the sticky conditions, we decided not to run him cross country as he has had two good runs and it is only two weeks before he flies to Lexington.


The Soapdodger was having his first Intermediate run this year and I was delighted with his day.  He did a super dressage of 29 with some lovely work, he had 2 down show jumping and a time fault, but I was delighted with how well he jumped, and he felt very confident and happy with the cross country.  I took him on the direct route but did not put my foot down ensuring he had a good experience.  The cross country course was excellent on perfect ground, it was just a shame the show jumping was quite such hard work for them.


Reinstated had another outing in the Open Novice.  He did a very good test and scored 26, being much more relaxed this time.  He jumped an excellent clear after the first couple of fences he got the hang of the ground and he flew around the cross country with 4.8 time faults.   I just took him in a good rhythm without hurrying him.  At the time of running he went into the lead and then finished 2nd overall.


Tomorrow we will make the long trek to Norfolk to stay with Catherine Joice for Burnham Market.


Great photos from Uptown Eventing






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