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Pau - Dressage

24-October-2013 11:05
in General
by Admin
Pau times and results so far:-


Thursday (UK local time)

08.30  Neuf des Coeurs (No 1)

15.32  Seacookie (No 41)


Friday (UK local time)

14.52  Cool Mountain (No 76)


Pau got off to a good start this morning. I was delighted with Neuf des Coeurs test, he scored 43.2 which is his best score at 4* level and it was certainly his best test.  He was in a very good frame of mind, I couldn't get on him too early because it is still dark here at 8am but he didn't need much work at all and performed a mistake free test.

Seacookie is on late this afternoon, and so far he is feeling nice and relaxed.  
They have got a new surface in the main arena here which is a huge improvement.  I am just off to do the course walk now, and will give you an update on that later.




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