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Lion d’anger - Saturday result

19-October-2019 20:27
in General
by Admin

It was a very happy day at Lion with Grafennacht giving me a great ride.  It had rained a lot overnight and the ground was cutting up a bit but overall it was very good.  She really flew around the course and did the time very easily.  We had no dodgy moments and apart from the double of role tops in the corner of the arena which she was quite surprised about, the course rode like a piece of cake.  She has now moved up into 7th place.


She has come out of her run very well and looks good, the show jumping is still happening on grass, we had been hoping it would be moved up on to the sand, so I will certainly be hoping that she doesn’t sink too much.  Actually it will be the first time she has show jumped on proper mud so who knows what will happen.




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