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10-July-2020 19:06
in General
by Admin

It was the start to ‘part 2’ of the season and everyone was very happy to be at Tweseldown.  It was a lovely day and naturally very dry, they had done all they could with the ground and it did break up well on the cross country to give the horses some nice landings.


I had ended up with only two runners out of four entries today and I had Under Oath in the novice.  He had a very satisfactory ‘first day at the office’ with 27 dressage and a very nice test, one unlucky pole show jumping which was just a bit unlucky and the cross country went nicely to plan.  That is hopefully his first run of several.  

I had Graffenacht in the Intermediate and she did a really lovely dressage. I thought she might have been a bit on her toes but she was very serious and focused and was rather unlucky to get a stingy 30.  She went well show jumping with one silly fence down, I was very happy with how she felt and the cross country went without hiccup.
The courses were nice and inviting but with a few questions, so they both had a productive run.  They got loads of time faults and if possible they will be out again Thursday at Aston.

Adam was also out on Secret Night and he did a lovely double clear and went quietly. Lexi hopefully also had a double clear and also a very good dressage. She won’t have been racing the clock either but Chico’s Man was on fire.


Tweseldown did a really great job with all the corona virus requirements and it was actually rather an enjoyable days outing. We had slightly less runners so the whole day was relaxed, everyone was running on time and no one had to wait. A lot of us riders thought it went really well, it ticked along much smoother.  We must be hugely grateful to Rachel and her team for putting it all on and really wish them good luck for the next few days.





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