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Tokyo update

31-July-2021 13:51
in General
by Admin


Dressage is over and Kazu is the leading Japanese score,  and team Japan is lying 4th at the moment.


Lots of teams didn’t produce personal bests, the two members with Kazu would like to have done better in the dressage but we were very lucky none of them went in any way badly.


So the big day is finally here and it is cross country next.  


Tomorrow is a very early start so hopefully the weather will be not too hot. The forecast is pretty decent so we are very optimistic. Kazu is our first for Team Japan and will be path finding so we won’t have information about the course. He is very confident and upbeat.  He will probably take the long route at the coffin, but will have a real go for the time. Vince is very quick and fit so we are very hopeful he will cope well.  


TeamGB are in a good position despite getting a couple of disappointing dressage scores. But they will be very optimistic ahead of tomorrow and it will be good to see how they cope out here.


Unbelievably the day will be over by 11am local/Japanese time so it won’t be a very long day.




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