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31-July-2020 20:12
in General
by Admin

We had a pretty happy day today and Under Oath gave me my first win of the season.  He did a pretty spot on dressage, despite some jockey misdemeanours, and he got 19.8, he was then clear show jumping.  His clear inside the time cross country was the icing on the cake and gave him a comfortable win.  The ground was obviously quite dry and it was a boiling hot day, but Beanie Sturgis had done a really good job with aggravating, and landings, and Under Oath didn’t make it feel too firm at all.

I had Summer At Fernhill out again, just in the Novice working on his relaxation, and am hoping I found a good bit which gave me more control than we had at Bicton.  He is getting a bit more relaxed so he obviously just needs some outings.

Dazzling Ruler was in the 100 again and had a rather similar outing to last time.  I was very pleased with his dressage and was not worried at all that he only got 34.  His show jumping is still work in progress and the least said about that the better. Out on the cross country he was very confident and straight.

Adam Short was riding Secret Night in his second novice of the season, and had a good day.  He was 29.5 double clear and finished 7th.  He took him quite steadily and had a good outing so that will set him up well for his intermediate at Aston.

He was also riding Tally ho Forrard, and he was on best behaviour, he did a very pleasing test event though he only got 31.5.  He had one silly fence down and popped very confidently around the cross country.  

Our Dauntsey was done in one day which was perfect and I wish Beanie Sturgis and the team the all the best for the weekend.





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