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Tatts 2019 - update

31-May-2019 16:54
in General
by Admin

Yes I Can had his 4*dressage and overall I was happy with his good parts. There were some bits that weren’t smooth enough but the quality work he showed is certainly encouraging for the future. He probably about deserved his mark of 33 but I was hoping from his Tuesday work to have got a late 20’s. 

Today was a busier day, I had three in the 3*L doing dressage followed by Grafennacht going cross county, so suddenly there was a bit more on.

The day got off to a rather hairy start with poor Atlantic Vital Spark getting a bit tense in the dressage, lots of cross county commentary and a gusty wind was not helping him settle and he was on his toes. He scored a 35 which has got him well down the order about where he should be.

Next on was Summer at Fernhill and I was very happy with him. He performed the best 3* test he has done so far. There were no mistakes and he really showed a lot of promise. There were several moments where he lost his flow but overall I was very happy with him and his mark of 28 has got him in a very respectable 10th place.

Georgisaurous was on at the end of the day and I was very hopefully that he would do a good test as he has been doing some lovely work at his last few competitions, and he did not disappoint .  He performed a fault free test, he coped very maturely with the blustery atmosphere and he scored 20.3 which has got him nicely in the lead.  Annoyingly not quite nicely enough as he does not have a show jump in hand. I had rather dreamt of getting a 19 as he had gone so well, but at least I was quite accurate to have dreamt that as my prediction was not far out.

Last on was Grafennacht’s cross country, and she was actually the last of the day.  As she was in the lead the commentators certainly drummed up the pressure.  I was very hopeful she would go well and I was not disaappointed and she very much popped around the course comfortably and inside the time. We had one funny moment coming off the bank where she lost her shoe and nearly lost her footing. I was quite caught off balance but she stayed totally straight and I just had to hold her mane.

We have had bits and bobs of rain, the ground is still looking very good. I am excited to see how they all cope tomorrow.
They will all be a little bit surprised as I plan on letting the hand beak off and having a bit of a crack around the courses.   But with Grafennacht show jumping as well it will be quite busy fitting everything in. 





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