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30-July-2022 21:27
in General
by Admin

 We had a worthwhile trip up to Burgham.  It is a super event and it is very smoothly directed by Craig Anderson after Martin has been taken by Burghley.
It was pretty dry up there as well, and they have done a terrific job with spiking and a little bit of rain made the ground very workable.

I had Under Oath in the Intermediate and he felt like an old pro.  He did a pretty decent dressage, but his arena was very competitive and his 33.4 was a little off the pace.  I was particularly pleased with his clear show jumping as he jumped his socks off.  He flew around the cross country for an annoying couple of time faults, but I was very happy with his 10th placing.

Moonlight Charmer was out to get his 4*s qualification for Boekelo and happily he did a veery pleasing dressage to score 28.3.  He did some good work and I feel there is a lot more to come.  The dressage had him only in 13th place but the section was fairly competitive.  He show jumped a really pleasing round and just had one down but I was delighted with how well he went.  And on the cross country he is really coming to my terms, and we are forming more of a partnership.  He really was focusing on what was ahead.  He got plenty of time faults but that wasn’t a worry but I was delighted he took on all the direct routes and jumped well into all the waters.  He is now fully qualified for Boekelo which is where he will go as I am committed the Blenheim weekend with Team Brazil and Kazuma at WEG.

On the way back it was fantastic to drop in on Nicola, who is on great form and really making some progress.  She can now move everything but is just obviously very weak.  It was really good to be able to see her in person.




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