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Houghton jumping and winning!

30-May-2021 21:14
in General
by Admin

It all came together today, we were very lucky with the ground, although they had run the 2 & 3 Star on Saturday the grounds team did a great job putting the ground back together again for Sunday.  The conditions were as good as I could have hoped.

My plan was to have a good run on Little Fire but I have to admit to being quite surprised that we were inside the time, he gave me a fabulous ride, ate up the course and in the end did the time quite easily.  He actually had a few time faults in hand, but he didn’t need them and it was very satisfying to win by nearly 5 marks.
This was a ideal run for him to have had, the first time I have opened it up for quite a while and the first time he has won a 4*.  It is good to have him firing on all cylinders.

Hopefully todays result will have given us a chance at a place at the European Championships.




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