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Fox-Pitt Update

20-February-2020 14:13
in General
by Admin

Things are properly underway now and we have got a new team in place, who are getting the hang of things very quickly.  I will introduce them all individually very shortly.  I have now got 10 horses in to event which is a good number.

Little Fire and Oratorio are both on track and working well.  The early season plan is possibly to take Little Fire to Kentucky and Oratorio will aim at Badminton.  We had the first session of team training with Martin Pleva at Addington last week.  This was naturally all about dressage and was certainly very useful.  I also took Georgisaurous and Atlantic Vital Spark for the outing.  It was very good for all of them to be out, particularly as it is the first time any of them have been out since 2019.

There have not been many changes this winter.  Sadly, but happily, Atlantic Vital Spark has not been sold, but Amanda Gould has bought Grafennacht and I am very excited to have kept the ride.    

I have got a couple of nice 7yo’s who I had last year, and I have got the one new exciting now 6yo who Pamela Kinslow has come in on.  He is an exciting young horse and we are hoping for great things this season.  He has grown massively this winter and will probably take a little time to strengthen into his new body.

At the nursery end we weened both the foals very successfully, and they are doing well.  Both mothers are looking good and are so far carrying their next foal as well.  My mare is in foal to Tamarillo’s clone Tomatillo.

Bella Innes Kerr is back in the yard with 4 horses, soon to be 6 horses.  She has got some exciting ones and it is great to have her back in Dorset.

For all of us horsey people this winter has been a nightmare with the incessant rain, so I can’t imagine getting out on grass and being able to go for a cross country school.  However we will have to do something soon as Tweseldown is around the corner.

Next week we have got a couple of days jumping with John Ledingham which I am looking forward to.  Tracie Robinson has now been down twice helping us put the flat work together.

Our Spring Event Plan has now made it on to paper, and I will be hoping that it comes off.  There is lot’s of excitement to look forward to and of course there is Kazu’s team too, which are looking great.




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