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Bicton Day 1

24-July-2020 18:20
in General
by Admin

Day 1 at Bicton was all good.  I had Under Oath in the Novice and we had another very happy day.  He did a very pleasing test of 25.  He had a fence in the show jumping which was silly as he jumped well and just touched the last fence…..obviously my fault.  He then went solidly around the cross country full of confidence.  He had won the Novice there in October so it was a course he knew a bit.  It wasn’t difficult and there were a few good questions.  Helen had done her best with the ground which was obviously bone dry.  The aerovator made a bit of a difference but it wans't ground I wanted to go particularly fast on.  


Summer at Fernhill was happily a different horse.  He got 22% better in the dressage than last weekend and scored 27.  It wasn’t perfect but it was totally respectable.  He jumped a good clear and went well cross country.  He was slightly buzzy and strong but there was nothing much for a more experienced horse to look at.


Lucy Price was having another run and did another double clear.  This time with a much better dressage mark of 26 and I think she finished with a good placing.  She will be very pleased with how the mare is growing in confidence.  


We are going to be back at Bicton for the next two days and I am hoping all will be good on the ground front on Sunday to run the grown ups.






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