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2023 and the New Season

24-February-2023 11:39
in General
by Admin

The 2023 season is around the corner and as usual it will be here before we know it.  I have been very busy doing some teaching and now we are focusing on the season.  I have got an exciting team of horses which you will see and there are lots of plans ahead.


It is very exciting to have the three top horses and I have got a particularly good gang of youngsters.  I am very pleased to have a new 3* horse in Gurtera Jimmy Clover, to join Duke Legacy, and he is so far fitting in very well.


Thierry van Reine from Holland has joined us this year with 2 horses.  He is an exciting young rider and will be a real asset.  Sara Bech Strom is still with us, and she is campaigning for the Europeans so her season will be full on.


It is unbelievable dry at the moment so apart from the cold spell the winter has been rather nice.  The fields are looking great and it wont be long before all the horses can go out. 


I am very excited that my three mares will hopefully be producing foals this year.  My Tomatillo yearling is looking superb and we have just broken in Oslo’s 4yo only known as The Princess, who has been remarkably straight forward and obliging, and Chloe has firmly got her eyes on her for Juniors 1day...!







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