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Blair dressage day

23-August-2019 17:51
in General
by Admin


We arrived at Blair last night after a good journey North.  The weather is drying up and the ground has had rain but looks like it is pretty decent.
I was pleased with Yes I Can’s test and a little bit disappointed to get 34, but c’est la vie!   He had a few minor mishaps which would have scored less than a 7 but I really thought he was about to get at least 70%.
Atlantic Vital Spark did his dressage this afternoon and wasn’t bad at all, it was his first ever 4* dressage test in a competition and he was quite green in parts.  But I was very pleased with how he took on the whole test and he is on quite a competitive mark of  35.5.  There is quite a lot to do and I am fairly sure it is not going to be a dressage competition.
We are show jumping tomorrow and I walked the course today which looks fair enough.  It is not overly demanding but with the Blair hill and all the undulations it certainly makes the corse more challenging to ride than it looks.  There are 4 water jumps, 2 skinnies, corners and angles so there is plenty to be jumped.

Tomorrow‘s times are 1305 and 1357.




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