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Burgham International - Dressage

21-August-2020 11:54
in General
by Admin

Team Fox-Pitt have settled in at Burgham and William's five entries acorss the 2*L and 4*S are keeping them on their toes, as well as Lexi with her horse Chico's Man VDF also in the 4*S.


Under Oath (Crunchie) is in the 2*L.  He passed the trot up on Wednesday, he was full of life and fairly overexcited!  He was third on yesterday for dressage and did a lovely test scoring 28.1/  He goes Cross Country this afternoon at 3.04pm.

The cross country is being streamed live, and you can sign up to watch it   subscribe here 


William has four entries in the 4*S, Atlantic Vital Spark was first to go into dressage late yesterday afternoon.  He did a lovely test, sensible and relaxed, the best he's gone, William would have liked a few more marks for it!


Today sees dressage for Oratorio, Little Fire and Grafennacht, and we will have an update on these later today.


Photos below of Crunchie warming up for his dressage yesterday...





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