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Burnham Market - jumping and results

20-September-2020 17:56
in General
by Admin

Burnham Market came to a very satisfying conclusion, with both Grafennacht and Lexi’s horse Chico’s Man VDF jumping lovely clears, they looked very good after their runs yesterday, and they came out feeling like they had done nothing.

When I jumped they said I had gone clear inside the time, but obviously they then adjusted the time and I ended up with a couple of time faults, but I wasn’t worried.  They had built a very fair and inviting track, probably wasn’t very difficult, but it was certainly up to height.

Grafennacht’s Burnham Market performance certainly bodes well for the future. I couldn’t have been happier with how she performed in all three phases, and how often does a rider say that.  It was only her fifth run since Lion d’angers, which was a young horse class so how she has come on has been pretty impressive.  Although she hasn’t done much I will now give her a nice holiday and she will probably come in a bit earlier than normal and start thinking about being ready for Bramham.

Lexi and Chico Man’s big result was getting their qualification for next years Kentucky in the bag, so she was very happy for nailing it.

The Burnham Market team must be very pleased with how the competition went, they really couldn’t have hoped for more.  The only disaster I heard of was poor Caroline Ryan Bell getting kicked in the face when she was grazing her horse one evening.  She was riding a lovely 7yo in the 4*S.  I wish her all the best for her rehab.





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