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Aston - Saturday

20-July-2019 16:44
in General
by Admin

 Happily both horses have had a very good first Advanced experience. Georgisaurous did a foot perfect double clear.  I frustratingly got 4 time faults in the show jumping but felt I was going plenty fast enough.  He didn’t touch a fence and didn’t seem at all surprised by the size.  The cross country posed no concerns to him at all and he popped around like it was a Novice.  As usual it was not a difficult course but it was a good size and asked a few nice questions which didn’t worry him at all.  All the watering, spiking and then rain has produced pretty much perfect ground, so we were very lucky.


Atlantic Vital Spark didn’t have such a good time in the show jumping with 3 down but he actually jumped a pretty decent round and I was pleased.
There were certain reasons and excuses but that was irrelevant. But he was very much there for the experience and qualification, and the main thing was he flew around the cross country feeling very confident and grown up.  

We managed to get away nice and early which will give us a bit more time for the turnaround in the morning.




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