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Aston - Novice

17-May-2021 18:17
in General
by Admin

Aston on Friday only involved Duke Legacy because sadly Under Oath was a little under par, and he had another very successful day.  

To do two double clears in your first two outings is no mean feat, and he has just done that.  He did another pleasing test and was very relaxed and willing, 31 was quite respectable enough but was not another fancy 20’s.  I was very pleased with his show jumping, he was very rhythmical and unphased and the conditions were quite muddy, though luckily not deep, and he popped round the cross country very happily.  It was not a very taxing Novice track and nothing on the course worried him anyway, I got 10 time faults and he still managed to finish just outside the top ten.  It is early days in his Novice career and when he has had a few more runs I might open him up a little more.




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