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Rockingham - Friday

17-May-2019 18:25
in General
by Admin

 It has been a rather easy day at Rockingham with four horses in the 3*S, and all of them were pretty nice, so my life was nice and straight forward.

First on was Atlantic Vital Spark, and he had quite an early drawer, but was in a very good frame of mind.  He did a lovely test with one slightly dodgy pirouette to score 28, and he is lying about 5th.  After his last two slightly tense starts I was very pleased that he was trying hard and concentrating, because he has got all the ability.

Grafennacht was next, and she was very good but definitely on a bit of speed.  She was in overdrive and wasn’t quite focusing.  She did some decent work and ended up with a score of 33, which is not her usual type of mark.

Summer at Fernhill was also pretty good. He did some decent work with the odd little DIY moment, and he scored a respectable 32.  

Georgisaurous was the ‘king of the day’ and did a super test to score 25,  he did some superb work and he could well have scored better.  It was a great prep run for Tatts where I am dreaming of a 19. 

The ground is pretty good, it is very level and there is some good give in it.  The course has got quite a few skinnies and corners which will be good practice for Tatts.

I have got a lovely late start tomorrow with the first horse show jumping at 2.30pm which is very cushy.





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