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Bicton round up

16-June-2021 9:43
in General
by Admin

Grafennacht came out of her 4* cross country very well and looked great in the trot up. She wasn’t tired at all which is very good to know for the future because, as I said, that was the biggest physical test she had ever done.


The show jumping course wasn't causing too much trouble despite it being quite decent and although frustratingly Lillie had two down she actually jumped very well and I was pleased with how she felt.  She luckily only lost three places so she finished 10th which was very respectable result out of 90 odd starters.

Amanda and I will now make a plan regarding what she targets in the autumn and my guess at this stage is it will either be Blenheim or Pau, because the long term aim will hopefully be to take her to Kentucky 2022.  So overall I was really pleased with her performance. Her dressage couldn’t have been much better although I would obviously have liked slightly more applicable score penalty.  Her cross country was spot on and she really showed me what a class horse she is for the future. And her show jumping, despite two down, was in now way discouraging. Show jumping might notbe her strong point but she will jump plenty of clears in the future.


Helen and her team had done an incredible job putting on short and long 4* in the 7 weeks. She had really given the event a 3* feel, the course was certainly up to the level of Bramham.  It was physically demanding, it asked questions, and it really required the rider to ride his horse not the stopwatch.

There are rumours about Bicton stepping in this year for Burghley and on the showing last weekend it would certainly be well up to it.  Watch this space....






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