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15-October-2022 20:44
in General
by Admin


Today was a very enjoyable and positive day at Bovington.  The summer is clearly over and the weather was a little bit on the dodgy side, but we survived.
The excitement of the day was that Absolutely had an end of season win in the 100.  He was really on the job and I couldn't have been more pleased with him.  He did a lovely dressage of 22, and finished on that.  It felt like a walk in the park and he deserved his win
Centari also had a very good day, he did a lovely test and got 27, knocked a silly pole and flew around the cross country.  He really feels like he has done it all before, he is very classy, and finished 7th.  It was great that his owner could come with her team, and we had a fun day.
Also big excitement at having Santini out for the first time.  He has come to me from Polly Gundry to see how he might take to Eventing and I was very happy with how he dealt with his first day.  He was very accomplished in the dressage with a score of nothing less than a 26.  His show jumping was very pleasing, he had a couple of poles down but it was a tricky little course with lots of short distances.  He flew the cross country like an old pro so he was, to say the least, very enjoyable.  
Richard and Lizzie Kelvin-Hughes and Polly Gundry rather felt that after last year's Grand National he should try his hand at something else, and it is fantastic to have him on the yard.  I was certainly very excited with how he coped with his first day at his new job.
I then had Max McInerney who had a very good run in the ON.  He led the dressage with a super test on 25, had a really unlucky pole jumping a good round, and flew around the cross country.  He finished in 2nd place, and hopefully that will have set him up well for his 3*S  next week at Bicton.
Sara was riding Cusco and they had a very pleasing day.  Dressage was fairly decent on 33, rolled one pole and flew around the cross country, so it was a good outing and he is really learning what life is about.
I was pleased for Megan Bayliss who had a good day on Dassett Chance.  Barring a few time faults she could have had an easy win, but she had a good outing which was what she was looking for.
We had a good gathering at the #WillDoes2004 bus. Steph Buchanan invited me along for the charity gathering and we had an amazing turnout.  We had lots of good questions and it was great to see the bus; it is going to be a great space for young people to mingle.  To have galvanised support to provide such a facility for the charity is an amazing effort. 




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