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Upton and Moreton

15-July-2022 16:30
in General
by Admin

What an amazing effort Upton made; Jessica Thomas and her team had done the most amazing job, it is a very hot and hard time of year. They had even watered the dressage warm-up and the practice fences.  I know they are very fortunate that the ground preparation was possible but it would be fantastic if more events could follow their lead.  


After a nice early start I was very lucky to have a good productive day.  Oratorio was having another OI run in his build up to Burghley and produced a very nice test to be on 28.9.  He was a bit behind London 52 but I wouldn’t expect his dressage to be quite in the same bracket.  His cross country and show jumping were great and he popped around the course like it was an intro.


I was having my first run on Moonlight Charmer. His dressage was very decent, he did nothing wrong but he hasn’t quite got the self carriage I would like yet, he also had a double clear and this was just the first step in getting a bit more together.  He knows his stuff but it is very different for him to be now ridden by a 6’4 rider and not a 5’2 one.


Under Oath was out again and had a good day.  His dressage was 32.5, he had the first show jump down but jumped well and then did a lovely clear cross country.


The course was very nice and inviting, but didn’t ask too many questions so most of us will have had a very good day.  


With this hot dry spell I have sadly decided not to go to Moreton with the Novices tomorrow.





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