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Badminton weekend

13-May-2024 15:50
in General
by Admin

Well it is all over.  Sadly Badminton did not come to the dream end, but I will always remember the fantastic round that Lillie gave me on the cross country.  On the show jumping I am not sure what happened, she has never had as many fences down and perhaps she just wasn’t feeling her best.  She was sound and good after cross country but you never know what they are really feeling. 


Everyone at Badminton gave me so much support, it was a very special feeling, a lot of people were wishing me well and I felt very sorry to let everyone down.


Team Fox-Pitt are putting it behind them and focusing on what an amazing weekend we have had. It was just great to have so many family and supporters there wishing us well.  And it felt like a very correct time to call it a day at that level.  Naturally it has been on my mind for a while at my age and stage, but Lillie has very much been keeping me up to the mark.  However, how many more Badminton’s can possibly be left to me, I have been so lucky there.  I am very privileged to have completed Badminton 26 times, and it was a special moment getting my Armada dish on Sunday.  Only Mark Todd and Andrew Nicholson have won more than I now have, and that is a pretty amazing feeling.


We are now home and back to reality, but very much looking forward to the young horses and their targets.  And all being well with the weather we have got Chatsworth at the weekend.






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