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Badminton Dressage

10-May-2024 10:00
in General
by Admin

The dressage dream test didn’t quite come off which was frustrating as that is something that Lillie is strong at.  She warmed up really well with Tracey Robinson, I couldn’t have been happier with our warm up and I thought we were posed for a good one.  Frustratingly she stepped back in her first halt, so straight away she started on the wrong foot.  My father always said you only have one chance to make a good impression and my first impression was not what I had hoped.  She started off on a bit of a down mark and then really struggled to claw back much even when she went well, which she did do, she did a good test.  She got rather stuck on a seven if she was lucky which was frustrating.  We have ended up on a score of 30.6 which is her worse mark at 5* level so I am naturally very disappointed.


But I am still very pleased with Lillie and hopefully 5* eventing is not all about dressage so I shall be looking for a good day on Saturday and Sunday.  The cross country course is interesting, asks lots of questions. It’s a real Badminton course with lots of places to catch you out and will require some very careful walking.




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