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Badminton Trot up

08-May-2024 19:30
in General
by Admin

Grafennacht (Lillie) trotted up very well, she was on her toes and very happy to be in front of Badminton house, she is feeling great.


We had a good dressage session with Tracie and did some arena familiarisation, so she has done all of the normal rigmarole and is hopefully ready for tomorrow.  She is quite bright and on her toes so we will need a bit of work tomorrow pre dressage to get her on the job. But she is in a very good frame of mind.


We are walking the cross country course now, it looks good, the ground certainly is going to be hard work, it is drying luckily, but it will be jolly tacky in parts.  I will talk more about it tomorrow.




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