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Burnham Market - Sunday

14-April-2019 21:48
in General
by Admin

Yes I Can achieved the main objection of the weekend which was to get his 4* qualification. It was a long old wait today and it would have been very frustrating if it had been in vein. However he jumped an excellent clear in the show jumping.  The course was once again fairly straight forward but the time was quite tight, so I was delighted to get no time faults.

I was last to go on the cross country and I brought the day to an uneventful close with a very confident clear and 19 time faults.  He actually took all the direct routes very easily and he is feeling like a real Advanced horse now.

He will now enjoy a few easy days as he has had four busy weeks, and his next run will hopefully be the Advanced at Withington.

Poor Kazu’s weekend did not come to such a happy climax.  After a beautiful show jumping clear he came a cropper at the third fence on the cross country.  Obviously he and Brookpark Vikenti had a slight misunderstanding and 60 penalties was the end of his day.  Happily Kazu and Vinnie are totally fine and they might now be lucky and go to Ballendenisk on Wednesday instead.

Burnham Market made a very impressive effort with their crazy weekend.  There was never a quiet moment and I think cross country on day two finished at about 7pm.  They are very lucky to have a group of such loyal volunteers. And I think Alec and Emily do an amazing job organising such a full on weekend, we riders really appreciate it.





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