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13-September-2020 20:40
in General
by Admin

It is very nostalgic to be back at Cornbury for the first time since 2000.  When I was riding there in the 90’s most of the people competing there today hadn't been born which was quite a thought.

David Howden and his Cornbury team had done the most fantastic job reinventing Cornbury, it is a really special competition and a seriously exciting addition for the calendar.  David Evans’ courses were spot on and the parkland going was pretty much perfect.  

I was only able to get one into the 2* and 3* and my first ride was Under Oath having his first 3*S outing, and he had a very satisfactory weekend.  He did a pretty decent dressage test, coping well with all the new 3* movements and he did some super work to score 32.  I though he of might have been in the 20’s, but I was very satisfied with him and he possibly showed a bit of greeness on what was quite a slope.  The show jumping was in the main arena which they had cut out of the side of a hill and laid down to wonderful turf. And it was quite decent track. everything came up very quickly and was quite up to height so Under Oath had his eyes opened. He rolled two poles but I was more than happy with how he coped and jumped.  He basically jumped a really good round and was unlucky to have the first fence down, and just rolled another pole, so it was not in any way disappointing. Cross country was a decent track and very educational.  It was a different gear to Aston Le Walls so I was really pleased with how he answered the questions, and felt very confident answering lots of new questions.  I didnt hurry him and he got 13 time faults, and he will have come on loads.

Centurian Bay was having his first 2*S experience and didn’t take a second thought at any of the atmosphere and new sights.  He did another lovely dressage and scored 23, which had him in second place.  He did some proper work and apart from a rather green reign back and an unbalanced last halt he was pretty much spot on.  But it was still very exciting to have him at the top of the leaderboard with nearly a 100 starters in the class.  He show jumped beautifully and was clear. He didn’t breathe on a pole and he coped really well with the main arena feel.  Cross country was a lovely course but it was by no means a giveaway. and I hadn’t until today ever let the handbrake off so I had no idea how he would cope with trying to to do the time.  Once he got over the surprise of me not pulling the reign over the first couple of fences we settled into a lovely rhythmn, showed his class and came home comfortably inside the time to give me my first win with him.  It was only a 2*s but a win is a win and he really answered all the questions which is what mattered.  

Lucy was doing the under 21 young-rider section, she did a very decent dressage to score 28 which had her in fourth place, she show jumped clear which moved her up to second.  But very sadly the dream ended with a silly runout on the cross country, but her mare actually went very well and gave her a good round. So we were just very annoyed that she had ‘the silly’! 

The attached picture of William and Centurian Bay was taken by Sarah Farnsworth Photography.





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